Saturday, March 27, 2010

It's amazing how.

The mind works. Today the police rang regarding the break in to my car and asked how I first realised it had happened.
The worst part being- I didn't.

It's so weird, I got back to the car and the car was open but I presumed that I had pressed my clicker twice.
There was stufff all over the floor and everything but again I had excuses for everything!

It is truly amazing how the mind can cover up things.
I suppose it could work right across the board with feelings and what not.

Anywayyyyyy, the police haven't found any evidence and no CCTV equals NO JUSTICEEEE!
Gawddddd, if I ever catch them, the people who made my mind cover up the truth, I swear I will hurt them :)
I will never forgive 'em for hurting it.
oh ho ho hoooooo.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Whirl their wheels in the Wacky Races!

 A couple of months ago my Mum took me to Beamish, with the promise of the awesome sweets, to go to this antique car show thing.
I wasn't amused by most of the cars but then I saw this beauty and I've only just found it while looking through old photos.
I feel that me and this car could have a blossoming relationship
a beautiful endeavour 
a long-lasting voyage
a partnership so delightful
a life worth living 
 P.S- look at the chappie's face in the black car.

Oooooo, hello!

Whisper all the notes into my ear.

So so so sooooooooo delighted!

It's only 16 days until I will be in Glasgow
basking in the awesome-ness that is AFI and my soon to be, new accessory Davey Havok
He is fiiiiiiiiiiiineeeeeeee!
Then a bit of catching up with my ol' Glaswegian chums.
I am going with my pal Kelly and I promise a million road/train-trip photos will be taken!
I would happily hold him.

"Hold me closely now but don't, don't say anything.

Don't feel
Don't love anything
Love attracts all those who taint, the cherished."

Sunday, March 21, 2010


This photo originally made me incredibly sad and actually ashamed.
I have far too many clothes and its actually disgusting! lol

As I mentioned before I'm going to have a clearout well I did,
Charity is sooooo gonna love me!!!

Soooooo, before!

Awesome After!

I Know it still looks alot but three full black bin liners have been shipped off!
Ikea sold me this in-wardrobe-scarf-holder-thing which makes my wardrobe look full still.

BUTTTTTTT it is not!
I'm so proud :D

I may move on to shoes and bags.

Maybe not.

P.S i threw out sooooo much rubbish, i hope someone claims him soon, he'll get lonely otherwise.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring Cleaning.... Out!

No more clutter in my life for me! No sirreeeeeee!
Spring is 'officially' here!
Apart from the lack of fresh new leaves and buds gracing our countryside the weather. overall, has cheered up!


So, I've decided to clear out my life, as spring time is stereotypically the time to do this-not sure why, but yes I'm going to start tonight!

I am going to get rid of anything disgusting and worthless I may own/have owned!

I've already thrown out some rubbish which even I, who wants to give back, couldn't even give to charity as its an offence to the eyes!

Alas, I'm going to start with clothes tomorrow, OH MY BEAUTIFUL CLOTHESSS, then move on to shoes and bags finishing with odd bits lying around.
I'm not exactly into this whole 'green planet' thing as well if being a little extravagent in a long drive is gonna make this world warmer then helllll,  
I'm up for that!
Butttt, this time I am going to give back and gonna give it all to charity.
Hopefully they will be grateful! lolz.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

the post of two parts.

Part 1.
Warrior Queen
Meet my new, fierce baggggg.
Its so different and ofc represents such a classic figure.
Win. In. A. Bag.

Part 2.
I have always towered over my friends and at my current height of on avg. 5'8" I am seen as 'tall for a girl'
Whenever I wear heels I turn from tall woman to short man in heels.(Apart from the fact I look nothing like a man)
It is quite the dilemna and with the amass of shoes I own I am wondering can you be shortened?
I know midgets and the like can be heightened (breaking of the bones) but can I be shorter?
ORRRR I think I will just get some new tall friends :)

P.S I love my friends that I have at the minute. Never to be replaced... just added toooooo!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

P.S... ...

On a happier note, Glasgow is under a month away now!
Factually excited as its my birthday present to myself :)
If anyone is struggling in there buying-present-for-me-malarky here are some options:
  • Law Abiding Citizen DVD orrrr Gerard Butler, nyom.
  • Panduhhhh Burrrrrrrrr
  • Red Pannnduuuhhhh Burrrrrrrrrr
  • Season 3+ Gilmore Girls 
  • The Big Bang Theory
  • Laptop/Notebook
  • Carpet Bagggggg :)

This is actually all I want :) ahaha, you better get shopping! 

Back in my day!


Currently I'm carrying out a research project in which 
I fight for the right of the Youths.
I look at different media outlets and see if these media opinions affect the nation of today.
I WAS they can fight for their own bloody right!
Yesterday my beautiful, Peggy Peugeot, was broken into!
It was then discovered by the idiots there was nothing of value in there, as I'm not stupid. 
NOWWWW I need to fork out a minimum of £100 to patch up the door, lock will now be covered as a new lock and all the trimmings would be £200 plus. A new door EVEN MORE!
So as a guesstimate it is probably obvious I'm not too much a happy bunny today. 
I am so against the 'youth of today' now.