Saturday, March 27, 2010

It's amazing how.

The mind works. Today the police rang regarding the break in to my car and asked how I first realised it had happened.
The worst part being- I didn't.

It's so weird, I got back to the car and the car was open but I presumed that I had pressed my clicker twice.
There was stufff all over the floor and everything but again I had excuses for everything!

It is truly amazing how the mind can cover up things.
I suppose it could work right across the board with feelings and what not.

Anywayyyyyy, the police haven't found any evidence and no CCTV equals NO JUSTICEEEE!
Gawddddd, if I ever catch them, the people who made my mind cover up the truth, I swear I will hurt them :)
I will never forgive 'em for hurting it.
oh ho ho hoooooo.

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