Saturday, March 13, 2010

the post of two parts.

Part 1.
Warrior Queen
Meet my new, fierce baggggg.
Its so different and ofc represents such a classic figure.
Win. In. A. Bag.

Part 2.
I have always towered over my friends and at my current height of on avg. 5'8" I am seen as 'tall for a girl'
Whenever I wear heels I turn from tall woman to short man in heels.(Apart from the fact I look nothing like a man)
It is quite the dilemna and with the amass of shoes I own I am wondering can you be shortened?
I know midgets and the like can be heightened (breaking of the bones) but can I be shorter?
ORRRR I think I will just get some new tall friends :)

P.S I love my friends that I have at the minute. Never to be replaced... just added toooooo!

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