Thursday, March 11, 2010

Back in my day!


Currently I'm carrying out a research project in which 
I fight for the right of the Youths.
I look at different media outlets and see if these media opinions affect the nation of today.
I WAS they can fight for their own bloody right!
Yesterday my beautiful, Peggy Peugeot, was broken into!
It was then discovered by the idiots there was nothing of value in there, as I'm not stupid. 
NOWWWW I need to fork out a minimum of £100 to patch up the door, lock will now be covered as a new lock and all the trimmings would be £200 plus. A new door EVEN MORE!
So as a guesstimate it is probably obvious I'm not too much a happy bunny today. 
I am so against the 'youth of today' now. 


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