Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring Cleaning.... Out!

No more clutter in my life for me! No sirreeeeeee!
Spring is 'officially' here!
Apart from the lack of fresh new leaves and buds gracing our countryside the weather. overall, has cheered up!


So, I've decided to clear out my life, as spring time is stereotypically the time to do this-not sure why, but yes I'm going to start tonight!

I am going to get rid of anything disgusting and worthless I may own/have owned!

I've already thrown out some rubbish which even I, who wants to give back, couldn't even give to charity as its an offence to the eyes!

Alas, I'm going to start with clothes tomorrow, OH MY BEAUTIFUL CLOTHESSS, then move on to shoes and bags finishing with odd bits lying around.
I'm not exactly into this whole 'green planet' thing as well if being a little extravagent in a long drive is gonna make this world warmer then helllll,  
I'm up for that!
Butttt, this time I am going to give back and gonna give it all to charity.
Hopefully they will be grateful! lolz.

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