Monday, April 26, 2010

Too Tall?

I sometimes feel I am way tooooo tall for my own good.
I tower above the majority of my friends and complain about the many pairs of high heels that I own that I 'can't' wear.
When I was younger I would whinge to my Mother about the fact that I was too tall and every year when I blew out the candles on my birthday cake I would be wishing to stop growing, maybe shrink a little bit if possible.

I'm not saying I am the tallest out of the girls that I know, far from it.
But it does not help that I feel I NEED to wear flats 24/7

Sooooo today I am rebelling!

I am around 5'7/8 and from today (well tomorrow as I'm staying in tonight) I am going to start to wear even the tiniest of heels!
Oh yes, it has begun. I am going to enlist all the tall girls that I know and make sure that they know tall can be awesome as well as being classically 'small and petite'.
Because comeee onnn! All the models are tall.
[The photo of the shoes are from Office and I stopped myself from buying them because I was paranoid about height, welllllll they're in the sale now.....may get them!]

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