Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lunctime Love.

As I am on placement at the moment I find that I am taking a packlunch in everyday. I am one of those people that hate packlunches and I love the allure of fancy food, mostly fatty food, and how much I would like it instead of my bland sandwiches!
However, I have found that since my newest purchase (oh, eBay how I love you) lunchtimes have become slightly more exciting.
Meet my burger lunchbox!

It's based on a Bento box so has many compartments in which I can have little delights of many foods. Currently I have been having salad in the top compartment with something more hearty in the main, bottom compartment. Lately it has either been rice and ham, like the photos, or noodles with some lovely concoction.

As I have posted earlier I now have bamboo steamers so I feel that I can totally explore some delicious pathways in which I can totally enjoy lunchbox lunches. I feel that I may try steamed salmon with ginger and chilli. How exciting! What do you have in your lunchbox? xx

Also, coming tomorrow I have a guest blog from the lovely Emily who is from A.N.D.R.E.I design as well as Emily's fashion blog. She has some lovely posts and I am excited to be posting her wedding post here tomorrow! So I guess this is me saying, I am now open to Guest Posts! :)


  1. that is the best lunch box i've ever seen in my whole life!! xxx


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