Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Guest Post: Emily & the Royal Wedding.

I watched the Royal Wedding like millions of other people and yes I was caught up in the romance and festivity of the occasion. I daydreamed about finding my own Prince Charming and a grand state-wedding but when the Royal Rolls-Royce rolled up, all that daydreaming was instantly whisked away and my mind focused on one intense thought.

What is she wearing?

Not a snide, OMG! What is she wearing?! But one of pure interest, anticipated jealousy and curiosity.

It seems silly now, looking back on the Medias nearly hysterical obsession with the ‘Royal Fashion Parade’. After all, the occasion is for the bride and groom to enjoy, do we have the right to analyse and speculate over every item of clothing they’re wearing. What designer is it, how does this reflect on Lady Diana, who is she emulating, what implications does this have for the High-Street (and where can I get something similar). The first copycat-dress was produced 24hours by a boutique Wedding Dress makers in Scotland, and more of varying budgets and qualities are sure to follow. Aren’t we devaluing the couple’s day when we look down our noses and sneer when we don’t agree with what Princess Anne is wearing or that Lemon isn’t a suitable colour for the Queen? We all think the Royal’s live a very-privileged life, which of course they do, but this is also their curse, they don’t have the same freedom that everyone else enjoys. Every action must be planned and every spoken sentence thought about and apparently, whatever whims of style they want to enjoy, they must endure the criticism of people who don’t agree, but these opinions are bandied out to millions of people via highly-influential people.
I would be lying if I said I didn’t self-analyse Kate’s (sorry Catherine’s) dress, even her engagement dress and the following race to get it into the retailers. Yes, I did raise an eyebrow at some extravagant outfits and gossip about it with my family and friends. I guess there’s some hypocrisy there but hey, I’m only human.

Whether it’s right or not, we all indulge in it but we should step-back and take a look at ourselves sometimes, if Her Grace chooses to wear such-and-such because she likes it, good for her I say and everyone else can be damned.
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