Thursday, August 18, 2011


My life has been full of change as of late. I am preparing to move into my own little home come September as well as preparing for another year at University! Mostly I have been shopping for items for my new home as well as catching up on reading and meeting with friends! I've had a lovely time and here are some photos of what I have been upto, I promise to write a proper post later on today but I am just fitting this in around cleaning/washing and washing up!

From Top:
Claire and I having a fun day out at the Discovery Museum, cos we're cool like this.
My leopard print top from Triple S (years ago) and a belt from Matalan.
Two gorgeous rings both featuring turquoise. The first is from my mum and the second is a friendship ring from Abbi.
Claire and I again in the Discovery Museum.
Lastly, Adam and I messing around in the Apple store while waiting for a replacement phone for him.

 I've had so much fun receently, I hope you're all having a nice time as well :) xx

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