Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hey Kids!

I've been back from Download for over a week now and it's been so hectic!
The weather has been delicous and every day has been a mini-adventure. I really need to start taking my camera out more, which will be resolved today, even though I don't feel I will get many taken!

Download was amazing! The weather the first couple of days was a bit dire and from that the happiness diminished but come Friday and lo and behold, the sun came out! Many smiles came with it, I can assure you. The bands were amazing and I throughly enjoyed it apart from being waken up to Justin Beiber's teenie weenie? song! What a loser start to the day! Well Justin Beiber plus the copious amounts of planes landing a mere mile away from our tent! (Photo being of Jared the God from 30 Seconds to Mars; he's beautiful but can't sing live. Disappointed but still pretty to look at! Apart from the budgie haircut)

Since I've been back I've caught up with all the washing and other things that need to be done when returning from a trip as well as being out practically every day just because!
When I am at home my life focuses around the Big Bang Theory, Gilmore Girls and toast. Oh what a life, not even a joke!

Oooooo exciting news! I have been given an old Singer Sewing machine which I just adore. I loved it anyway but then I found out it was ELECTRIC and well I've been making everthing ever needed! Even if I don't need it. I have a modern sewing machine as well but using the old Singer makes me feel a big antique-y and just well, its beautiful!

As well as this my Mother asked me to return a dodgy router to a store in Team Valley and well for some reason they gave me cash, so even though it wasn't my money and I know it's wrong, I became super excited and hit TK Maxx, naughty I know but I loveeeee it! I got a new French Connection top and a straw basket (to replace mine that I broke about 3 years ago! a bit late but still!) I decided to make a cover for the straw bag to keep prying eyes and hands from forming attachments with my belongings! It's beautiful and I loves it! (Bag TK Maxx, Material Laura Ashley)

 So overall, even though I've been near silent I've had a wonderful time and a fab start to the summer!

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