Thursday, June 24, 2010

Here we are Juggernaut!

"No this is not your playground, 
it's my... heart!"

So yesterday, that time came again when I would once more be in the presence of one my all time favourite bands, Coheed and Cambria! They always deliver and well I just pure love them! It was a bit of a hassle to get the tickets it has to be said as I had ordered them as soon as I had recieved the email to only realise on the day (I know I should have realised earlier) that the tickets had not arrived! So panicked and with very little time I  tried ringing the O2 academy, and then tried to log in to every ticket website going as fortunately my email had been hacked a few weeks earlier in which everything was deleted! Which of course only added to the ever increasing amount of drama surrounding this! 
 So, Kelly and I decided to go through to town early to try and sort out the problem to only be told, 3 hours later, by the bank that the tickets had been refunded to me but I had not been told! Not Amused!!! Luckily a friend had two spare tickets and I was able to purchase them which made my day :D Anyway, the gig was amazing! Apart from the support band called 'These Monsters' who we saw getting high outside to only come out on stage and be utterly terrible. Maybe in their head they were awesome as the only understandable line they said throughout their entire set was  "WE ARE SO TOTALLY HAMMERED!" oh the joys! I wasn't able to get any photos as through all the commotion I forgot my camera *super sad face!* But heres a photo anyway!  
Another awesome time of yesterday was the beautiful skinny Ginger Muffin and Mocha Light Frappucino that Kelly and I got from Starbucks! In general I prefer Costa as I like their blend of coffee better but I have to agree this was yummy!  (This muffin is demolished, I got toooo excited!)

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