Friday, January 21, 2011

Shopping Spree!

Here are just some of my goodies from yesterday! We have some gorgeous earrings as well as new Russian Dolls keyholders from Dorothy Perkins, Purple notebook from Paperchase which was only £2 (so I got two :) lol) and my new Casette iPhone case. Good haul, no? Also I'm blogging from my phone, told y'all I would try! xx


  1. Aww hun the pic didn't come out :-( can you re-post? I love russian dolls. I am going to give the mobile blogger a go soon too! x

  2. Ah no! That's so odd! I've checked around and other people can see it! Once I get home I will post an extra link on here fir you x

  3. The Russian Doll Keyholders are amazing. Awesome find!



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