Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Outfits of many different days!

Here are some of the outfits I have collated!
Sorry about fome of the bad quality ones but they were from my old camera!
Hence why I needed a new one!
As many as there is in this post I have plenty more, oh yes! Jeez, it's gonna take FOREVER!
I've decided not to list prices anymore, unless a complete bargain, as its not always needed.
If you want to know any prices, lemme know folks! OH, and anonymous comments can't be published. I just recieve an email to say automatically deleted. What.A.Shame! xx

Denim Jacket, Matalan
Purple Flower Tie Shirt, Primark
Black Dress, H&M
Blythe Shoes, Irregular Choice
Maxi Dress (only so slightly shown) Primark
Stripy Dress, H&M
Cardigan, Primark
Glasses, Grannyfied Awesomeness.
Face, Gimp Ltd.

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