Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Best Find EVER! (Plus little OOTD)

 Mission to de-clone!
Mum and I, when time permits, like to hit the shops. High street as well as charity. I have always been brought up in a home which in some way or form gives to charity, whether we donate clothes, books or money we have always been involved. On top of this I can always remember when my mum would bring me back a scarf or some item of clothing from one of her trips! I used to go with her when younger but of course as soon as the teens hit I was far 'too cool' to be seen out with the Mother let alone in charity shops! Gosh! Well how the tables have changed, now I am poor but I want new things :) don't we all!

Following on from this I have have come across one of the best finds ever! Not only is it a lovely piece of clothing but it also has quite a history! So here are my new beautiful black&white gingham capri pants! They were only £2.99 and 100% wool!

Alcott & Andrew, after a long time researching, is an a business which originally started in, by what I can see, 1986. They started off working around womens wear as they wanted to revolutionise how women dressed for work! They wanted to cut out the hatred of 'career clothes' and wanted women to be as excited about this set of clothes compared to their going out clothes.  The main mission was de-clone women! Amazing stuff. Apart from the fact I loved these trousers anyway, the story makes them even better! From what I can gather Alcott & Andrews have now evolved into Abercrombie & Fitch. I would love for somebody to actually research this properly and let me know! If anyone does, please email me :)

Today I wore this, seeing as maxi dresses are my new thing (I only wish the sun would come out!) I have started getting into maxi dress/long tube skirts :) win!

Floral top, H&M, £2.99
Maxi/Tube skirt, Primark, £Idonotknow:)

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