Sunday, August 29, 2010

Desire & Devotion.


I haven't been too well this week so being able to take an outfit post has been a little difficult to say the least! This is from friday and well its all about H&M and Primark! Lately, as my funds run out I tend to stick to the cheaper stores and well the cheaper stores aren't as cheap as they used to be! Humph.
Plus even though Primark will always be Primark I do feel its lost some of the stigma attached! ANDDD the other day when I was in the queue it was advertising its new policies on the website in how they now pay fair wage....makes you wonder when they didn't, oh dear!

These photos weren't meant to be in black and white but the black dress wouldn't be black when the scarf would be tan! I had a little tantrum but gave in!
Dress, H&M
Scarf, Brooch, Earrings & Tights, Primark

I am going to take a photo of the scarf and other goodies I got from Primark and upload them in a minute! :)

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