Wednesday, August 04, 2010

MAC does another collaboration [UPDATED!]

MAC for Rodarte Collection
Autumn 2010

So Rodarte, for those not in the know (me before I wiki'd) is a brand of clothing and accessories which was founded by sisters Kate and Laura Mulleavy. They have collaborated with Gap and Target. They focus on gothic and distressed designs as well as layered gowns.
There has been some controversy surrounding this line as some of the names have offended (I cannot for the life of me see why) and from this the starting date has been pushed back slightly so not a lot of images have been released, that I can find, at the minute. From the sounds of it, it focuses around very simple and somewhat 80s themes especially sutrounding the pale colours of the lipsticks. 
  • Ghost Town; sheer white, gold and green pearlised pigment
  • Rose State; Mid tone blue pink
  • Sleepless; Light grey taupe.
As well as lipsticks they are also specialising in lipglass, mineralised eyeshadows, pigments, powder, blush and nail laquer. 
Here are the few photos that I have been able to find. If I come across anymore I will upload :)

Overall the collection looks quite nice, slightly Ice Queen but from the sounds of it very close to the Rodarte way of life!

I have finally found out why there is such controversy surrouding this range! This range has been said to be inspired by Juarez which is a town in Mexico where over 400 girls have been raped and murdered and the killings never solved.
They named items in the collection things like ‘Ghost Town’, which was highly inappropriate, given what has actually happened there. They also had no plans to donate any of the proceeds to a cause that could help the people of Juarez. It seemed like nothing more than profiting from people’s pain.

Hundreds of blogs were written about this and nearly 1300 people signed their name to a petition against it. Yesterday, the news came from Mac that they will now be donating 100% of the profits from this collection to the people of Juarez.

So overall, like yeah, I understand it now. Bit on the wild and wrong side for my liking!

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