Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Beat Bullying & Barry M

It's always nice to see a collab which could all warm our hearts!
This one definitely falls into this category!

The Beat Bullying campaign has team up with Barry M cosmetics! Well I already love Barry M and with their 400 plus colours no-one can complain! Yes, I am a walking billboard for them...the commissin cheque should be in the post :P i kidddd.

It will all begin in November when there will be a national Anti-Bullying week spreadin throughout the country. Barry M is the kind of make-up range which I feel appeals to so many people in all different age ranges! They have so many colours, like I said before over 400, that they really will appeal to everyone and hopefully will fully aid Beat Bullying.

Here's some statements!
Emma-Jane Cross, chief executive of Beatbullying commented:
“We’re really excited to be working with Barry M, a truly innovative brand with a great heritage.
“As a charity which targets children and young people primarily, through our in-school programmes and our peer mentoring site CyberMentors, it’s really important for us to be able to reach vulnerable young people via creative brand associations as well as traditional routes, in order to ensure that any victims of bullying know they have a place to come to for advice and support.”

Dean Mero, Managing Director of Barry M added:
“We take our responsibility to our young customer base very seriously and we are proud to be spreading the anti-bullying message to them. We are really excited to be partnering with Beatbullying, as we have long admired their work with young people and cannot wait to announce our exciting plans in the near future.”
Near future, woooo. I will post as soon as I know :)! Plus they have a Robots in Disguise page, i LOVE them, win.

I really need to find their CD again, it lives in the mess. Oh dear.
Ohhh it could be in my car, hmm...

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