Friday, November 19, 2010

Doris is in a Daze!

My lovely Vicki, from Doris Daze Imaginatorium, is having a right ol' time dealing with the clothes surrounding the Christmas festivities! I can totally relate to her, with that yes, you want to look drop, dead gorgeous but, you don't want to have no money for presents! Oh, I can totally relate to you, Vicki m'love!
As she has been so nice to me on her blog, and in general, I thought I would chuch together a little outfit for her so that I can help in any little way! The criteria focuses around lace&leopard print, which can I just say is amazing! I love both and if you threw in a bit of tweed&fur&feathers and oh my, I'm bought!
So here goes! I hope it helps a little.
These are all from ZARA and the reason I like them so is that they would be able to be transformed from a basic day dress to a fancy night dress!

(29.99, 69.99, 35.99)
(29.99,29.99, 19.99, 69.99, 59.99)
(Asymmetic dress, Bank, £36.99. Leopard print tassle bag, Quiz, £9.99. Black patent bag, Clarks, £21.99. Leopard print bow belt, Boohoo, £3.00. Lace dress, Matalan, £18.00. Strapless dress, George, £20.00. Metal lace cuff, Urban Outfitters, £22.00. Seven strap belt, Asos, £18.00. Leopard print bow-belt, Asos, £6.00)

As well as all these I know H&M have some nice dresses instore at the minute but the website is dire! This has taken sooo long and I feel terrible and ill and awful and bleurgh! So I may expand on this later but, I hope its helped a little my darling! xx


  1. Lovely dresses, I particularly like the £20 Asda lace strapless and the leopard print on the left as you look at it, although it is a tad short for me! x

  2. Oh I'm loving all of these! Thank you so much for your blog post, you luscious piece of human being! xxx


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