Sunday, November 21, 2010

Home Sweet Home!

Sometime this week, I will hopefully be signing some contracts so that I will be fully ready to move out next year! I am a little excited, to say the least, and I feel its a long time coming!
Even though it is so many months away, I am thinking I will start buying things soon so that the price is spread out!
I did originally fancy the attic room but being the height that I am, similar to a giant, I am unable to claim it and from this Kate has claimed it and squealed at every attic room we saw! Lol.
As the attic room has been claimed, I have claimed the second biggest room which is only fair as Kate&I are organising it! :) Obviously as it is student accomodation, boo, it will be filled with basic furniture and without the possibility of redecorating so I am banished to shopping for amazing accessories, which isn't that difficult in all fairness. I always feel the cold and I'm thinking having a white/cream room with light accessories (original plan) will only hinder me becoming warm. Odd, I know but its true. It's harder to become warm in a cold looking room...Fact. (Well, maybe)

Soooooo, as purple is my favourite colour I feel I will be focusing around that :)
(Heal's velvet cushion, £65.00. Purple Haysom Lighting disc pendant, £49.00. Ashleigh&Burwood Fragrance lamp, £33.50. Dwell glass stem lamp, £79. Alessi La Rosa bowl, £38.00.  'Nettle Green' Bird jar, £11.50. Debenhams quilted hot water bottle, £10.00. Debenhams padded hangers, £6.40. Debenhams drawer knob, £3.75)

Obviously I won't really be able to afford all of these lovely products as I do like to eat but its a good start! I created this moodboard on My Deco which is actually an awesome site! It's all about homeware (obvs) and is like shopstyle or polyvore where it is like a department store but online! Lovin' it! xx 


  1. Ooh, I love all of those purple items! So pretty.

    When I used to live with my parents, my room was Moulin Rouge themed, and I had a lot of stuff that looked like that.

    Best of luck with everything!

  2. A Moulin Rouge theme? Wow, sounds mega interesting! Gonna look into that one! :) xx

  3. Love all the purple. Growing up my grandmother had a purple bedroom because purple was her favorite color. And my favorite great aunt had a pink bedroom. You can probably tell why she was my favorite.


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