Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve!

It is one day until Christmas and I am being a complete grinch because of the snow. I know it cannot be helped and what not but I have never been a lover and with all my parcels and general life being put on hold, I don't appreciate!
I am looking forward to a few quiet days. Quiet and healthy, as I have been pigging out so much lately but I'm putting it down to hibernation weight, ho hum.
Even though its only Christmas Eve, I have been lucky enough to recieve a few goodies!

I am also fortunate to have a new phone, as mine was dying a death, and look how pretty the case is! Now that is what I call a proper cover! (Cover, Ebay)Some new plasters, as I damage myself more than most! This little perfume is lovely and at a mere £2.99, a complete bargain! I love carrying a perfume around with me in my bag but hate carrying anything expensive as I tend to lose everything this is the perfect solution! (Circus plasters, gift. Perfume, H&M) A buddha statue and some lovely new candes! I love having candles and oils burning. (Candles, Ikea. Buddha, Durham Christmas Market) Some gorgeous bangles! Which don't fall off my child-like wrists. I don't think anyone will fully understand this achievement. Oh Well. (Bangles, Asda)

Anyway, I'm off to get ready to see the boy and eat too much, ommmm nommmm. Hope everyone else has an equally lovely Christmas Eve! xx

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