Tuesday, December 14, 2010

"Then we would go home and work on a castle of our own." - Tides of Man.

 My life is pretty good at the minute...minus the HUGE amount of work I have had to do. However it is my fault that I left it to the last minute....kinda.
When I haven't been doing work I have adopted a side of a bed and even left items in two houses so I need to g back! I have decided I love being in town, I love being so close to everyone and everything!

So close in fact that in the past 10 ten days I have been to the tattooist 3 times. 3 times?! you may say! How hardcore I do sound and I wish I could say it was all for me but alas, not even one time was for me! Humf. It will be soon however!
The sound of the gun freaks me out a bit but I love the people who I went with so its'all good! Two sessions have been with Kate and her rose tattoo which goes up her ribs (photo to the left, not finished by the way) and once with someone else.

Anyway from being there too many times with other people and not enough for me it had pushed me into getting a bigger tattoo. At the minute I am sporting a little heart tattoo on my wrist which is 'super cute' well thats what the tattooist said today, so I'm sticking with that!

Here are some of the subjects I'm interested in!
Gerbera Umbrella, amazon.co.uk. 
Peacock print, deviantart.com
Cherry Blossom candle holder, Fenwicks. 
Hummingbird Bangle, econsciousmarket.com.  
Koi leather phone pouch, yulyaffairs-shop.de

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  1. hay :) i just saw your link on IFB new blogger's post and thought I would stop by. great blog you have here :) have a lovely day/night! ^_^

    F. (opinionslave.blogspot.com)


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