Sunday, December 19, 2010


I have already written about the new film Burlesque (you can read it HERE!) and I am still waiting to see it! This displeases me as, I neeeeeed to see it!
(feather eye mask, tkmaxx. burlesque inspired make-up, smashbox. beaded necklace, black satin corset top & black/white bordello shoes

I have and always will love Christina Aguilera. Hell, I love her so much after seeing her in chaps, I nearly bought a pair! Yes, her new album was actually disgraceful and may have made me weep for her talent to come back to her; I do feel this could be her redeeming factor! Corsets, feathers, songs and dancing routines (which I will learn) is what I'm talking about! Ohhhh and I have never wanted a pair of shoes as much as I want these-slight exaggeration but I'm well too excited! xx

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