Friday, December 31, 2010

Because, I like you.

Here is another tip! Well not really a tip but it's me tidying and sorting my room and being mega impressed that I'm actually serious about it this time! Most of my time on this earth will be me living in a flux in which I live in the moment and I hate tidying. Pointless exercise however I do understand that every once in a while it does need to happen!

So here goes! (Adverty Style-e)
Are you, like me, trying to find a home for all your brooches?! Well this is your lucky day!
I used to keep all my brooches in my chicken mug but since my lovely red bow hair clip died I have resurrected it so that all my brooches are organised! 
 Just attach brooches! It's amazing how much thought went into this.
It just keeps all my brooches together. My special brooches I do keep in a jewelry box though. I love brooches as I tend to pick them up from places I visit or they are gifts from special people.
Even though I have organised my brooches, I still keep them in the chicken mug. I mean how can you not love it?! xx

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