Monday, December 06, 2010

Christmas Wish List.

This year may be the first year, in like forever, that I don't have a definite want list for Christmas!
It's really odd and I cannot even think of one thing that I need. Mainly because I have everything I want and need! However there is still some items I wouldn't mind people, pay attention! (This actually has taken me weeks as I had no idea what to include!)
(Babushka Ear Buds, Ticket Stub collection book, TKMaxx, Snowman socks, Topshop. Anna Sui perfume, various. Toms shoes, Toms.)

I'm really into the idea of travelling at the moment. I want to go to places you wouldn't normally. Maybe, I'm so interested because its came up in conversation recently but even so its a good idea. I'm gonna go look into this now! xx

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