Thursday, October 28, 2010

"Set the ferris wheel ablaze" - My Chemical Romance

Yes I am aware that its another My Chemical Romance title but its because I went and saw them in Edinburgh and well, they were EPIC. Not much else to be said apart from Edinburgh kids are brutal but the band are just as pretty, some prettier than others, and they seemed to have returned to a more gritty state in which I approve. They have changed somewhat as back in my day (yes I'm 90) Frank Iero was the second main man but now young Mikey is. Fair play Mikey, you are no longer the shy ridden boy hiding at the back of the stage behind his big glasses and even bigger hair.

As I was only going for a night I didn't want to take too many clothes as it would be too much to carry...I packed accordingly which is suprising and amusing when I saw how much Kelly had packed (Bless choo!) So here goes!
I decided to carry a simple LBD dress along as it goes with everything!
LBD, H&M,. Brown Top, Topshop,. Belt, Primark,. Floral Top, French Connection
Had an amazing time and well I love Edinburgh! I ate too much and walked so much my feet still ache today! But I wouldn't change a thing.
We found this super cute museum which was about Scottish Literary Writers. It was a complete stumble-upon moment as we couldn't find it advertised anywhere and it was only because we saw words carved into the wall (below) and the floor which led up the little museum! It was soooo cute inside though and would say to go just to explore! (For people who want to need to go up the Mound and then you'll see a little cut to your right, go up there!)

The huge amount of food we had in one sitting but was gorgeous! I had the potato skins, cheese&bacon and Kelly had the Tomato&Mozzerella Salad. We both tried and failed to have these cheeseburgers and had to resort to taking the half-finished things with us!

And of course the band in question! I enjoyed, a lot. :) Now back to doing workkkk, humf.

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