Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I'll hide these words, they're only yours to find - AFI

While shopping today I stumbled into Zara and my, oh my what lovely clothes are in at the minute. I am an old lady, behind the young 21-year-old facade, and I love everything which I shouldn't. Such as florals, tweeds and much, much more! However, I have accepted this..My Mother hasn't but that may be because even she isn't old enough to like half of the stuff I like!

Zara is amazing at doing things I like, especially at the minute, they have brought older styles and materials together with slightly modern designs. I approve, ohhh yes. All available instore or Zara Online!

I love all of these items and well they are all reasonably priced. The most expensive being the leather bag (top left) at £49.99 and the least expensive being the bird tee (bottom right) which is £14.99! The skirts are all £22.99! I may have to go back!

I did buy a gorgeous satchel today! I have been looking into getting one for a while, I didn't need one as I have a lovely red one, but still I was on the lookout and found a gorgeous one in Topman! I will upload a photo hopefully tomorrow :) xx

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