Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Well the supposed 'small' mission has turned into a colossal movement!

A while back while scouting through blogs I saw that some people had specialised fonts for their post&widget titles. So after googling it and deciding that it didn't look too hard I decided to develop my knowlege into html. WELL, its hard! I would not recommend it to someone who is not too hot on computers, like myself tbh. However, it is slowly coming together and I promise to have it up properly soon! Until then please excuse the mess and slight hassle I have bestowed on myself and I hope it doesn't affect you!
Back to blogging!
Before I said I would upload some outfit posts so here goes. I would love to say the photos of me in one of my all time, favourite playsuits is a good photograph...however, it is not and I blame Nicky! He said he wanted credit for taking this photo so here goes...Well Done Nicky for taking maybe one of the worst photos ever! Pffft :)
 On top of the rubbish photo skills he has either shot me from a low angle making me look like a giant or from above me making me look really short. Oh Nicky, Fail.
Playsuit Miss Selfridge
Belt, Primark
Leather ankle trainer/boots, New Look
Necklace, Matalan

Woolen Shift Dress, G21 at ASDA.
Also lets welcome in my new winter boots! They are going to be fab as soon as the awful weather hits in! I fall over when the road is not slippy let alone when it is! I used to have a very similar pair from another shop which were non-leather and fell apart near instantly. I accept last winter was goddamn awful but still gotta be prepared. These beautiful leather stomping boots are from Next and well were a steal at £40 imo! 
So come on Winter, gimme your best shot! I'm all ready now! xx

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