Sunday, October 24, 2010

For or Against?

The term guyliner has suddenly leapt into the public forum and its a bit contraversial.
A bit like Marmite, you love it or hate it. It seems that it isn't confined to punk stars and the like anymore and its more of a universal ploy. I personally have a bit of a love for the guyliner and well, to be completely honest this post is to look at beautiful men and drool!

(L-R)Pete Wentz (Fall Out Boy) He doesn't do it for me but I know he floats others boats.
Brandon Flowers, always one to add a little drama. (I prefer him with a beard.)
Captain Jack. As much as I don't like his acting I do love a bit of him!

(L-R) Russell Brand. He doesn't do it for me but I hear that from this book it has done it for hundreds. Classy.
Mikey Way (My Chemical Romance)
No longer is he the shy brother of Gerard he is in his own right now. And a bit hot imho.
Now this bad boy (in extra large I know) is Gerard Way.
Phwoaaaaaar. End.

On an ending note and one of the all time forerunners for guyliner...
Dr. Frank 'n' Furter himself!
So what are people's opinions on guyliner? You for or against? xx

P.S, add a chest piece with guyliner and my god I will love you for life. Maybe a chest piece post to come!


  1. I am all for guy-liner on the right bloke! For instance, my husband wouldn't suit it at all, but Captain Jack Sparrow could sail my boat all day (& night) long!!! Everything in context xxxxx
    Wendy xx

  2. It definitely is for certain blokes opposed to all! A bit of guyliner just makes eyes so much prettier1
    Ahahahahah, you do amuse me my love! :) xx

  3. Aah against! Not all girls know how to correctly apply eyeliner. And considering guys have no way to learn unless someone specifically teaches them it just looks terrible!

  4. My first against! Ooooh!
    It is true some have no idea what to do but some do and those select few just phwoarrrrr :) x


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