Saturday, October 23, 2010

A little guess work!

Here's a little hint of what I'm going to be for Halloween!
Did you get it? Okay one last chance!

So as you've probably guessed by now I am going to be a lion tamer! Oh yes! Mightily excited. I am in the process of cobbling together my outfit as we speak. I am completely confused with my days at the moment and today does not feel like Saturday at all! So yes I am living the dream and staying in on a Saturday with some sewing and movies :)! xx


  1. Carrying on the circus theme, M&S do a fab black and white satin push up bra with a lace trim and matching undies. And those little top hats with fascinators attached are quite ring master like ;-)

    There is a bar in London called Circus, went there for one of my hen nights, they perform live circus acts above the tables, it's pretty impressive, the cocktails are lush and the food is good and reasonably priced too! x

  2. Ooo, I do need to go underwear shopping but I really dislike it! But I will go look!
    I actally have a little top hat/fascinator I will take a photo and upload soon...or I will wait until Halloween.

    I need to go there, excuse me while I go to London. that sounds amazing! xx


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