Thursday, October 07, 2010

Ready to go!

Just a quick post that I wanted to share with you! Look at these cute little travel books! Can you tell I'm wanting to get out and have a look around?! Despite this, I just love these books they have just the right amount of information in them! I got the little blue travellers book from Lintzford and the other three (Chic Paris, Chic London&Artistic London) from TKMaxx, but I know they do a wider selection on their site :) such Goutmet books for loads of cities!

 ahhh, I want to go away to somewhere so bad! xx

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  1. omg! These are soooooo cute! I really want the 'chic Paris' one.
    thanks for taking time to stop by my blog. Yours is soooo adorable!


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