Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Back to School! Part Two!

After finishing my previous post I realised that my items were all completely different price bands and well some item atm I just can't afford! So I've decided to try again with three different price ranges.
There is:
  1. £20 and under
  2. £40 and under
  3. No budget!
Hope you like them! (Click on them to enlarge :)!)
I really want this pinafore dress! I may go check it out soon :)
I really love this Miss Selfridge dress! While I've been looking around online I think Miss Selfridge have one of the best collections around at the minute. Obviously taste is different for all but I think I will make a post up of my favourite dresses from there!
Even if I had no budget I don't think I could quite justify over £1,000 on a pair of shoes!

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