Saturday, September 18, 2010

Hello 1am!

I was going to post this tomorrow, well today, at a more appropriate time but due to the fact my tummy is so ill atm I thought I would do it now to save me from boredom and depression at this early time! Ho hum.
I have some exciting news, well for me anyhow, I have just had my hait cut! Well, about 8 hours ago but still! I find going to the hairdressers one of the most traumatic experiences of my life, odd I know. So many people go to the hairdressers as an escape, somewhere to relax and be gently pampered however I do not.
I go in, I sit down and then I am told "Curly hair? so trim is it?!" Oh wow, the joys of having curly hair!
My choices in life are long or short annnd wait for it, medium length! Possibilities are endless!
To counteract this when I was around 15/16 I started to straighten just my fringe as I wanted a slight contrast and well this just continued throughout the rest of my hair career (I'm only 21, but whatevs)!
This of course damaged my hair and the last time, bar one, I went to the hairdressers the woman shouted at me for having such 'fabUlous hair that you have ruined. Be happy with your mistake!'
Hmm, I bet you can guess I never went back to see her again!
 Fur edged gilet, Primark. Scarf, Topshop.
 Today though, oh yes my friends, is an epic day amongst others as my hairdressed did good!
She has curly hair so was completely sympathetic, she listened to me rant about the troubles of life and the curly hair dilemna and in return she cut and styled my hait! As well as including a mini fringe which looks FAB! Ahhhh, I still don't love the hairdressers and would probably still put it in the pile with the dentist but overall, I'm getting there! (I do hate my nose and I'm srsly considering surgery, now wheres my credit cardddd)
As well as this I got lumbered of dragging the pup out for his walk and well I found my La Redoute oversized jacket/coat! I have only worn it about twice but I love it so much as I can pretty much fit my whole body in it! Ahhh, good day for me! I promise to get a better photo in the morning of the coat!
Oh oh ohhh, just remembered I also dragged out my old-ish knee high suede boots and they are as cute as ever! Somehow are baggy around my calves now but still, loveee! Later on I will post a photo of them and my lush new ankle boots :)


  1. i have insanely curly hair. i feel your pain. :) haha

  2. i know! its so hard!
    as much as i love waking up and my hair just being done, it can get extremely boring! xx


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