Friday, September 17, 2010

Before I found out it was freezing..

Today I went and met some friends for lunch which was completely lovely, so this is a little outfit post to show you what I was going to originally wear before I realised how frickin' chilly it was out!
One thing people need to know about me is that I get cold wayyy too easily, I am cold blooded and I need to wear a million layers even in the sun. It's so sad!
I bought this dress from Peacocks a good couple of weeks ago but due to the sizes being too big for me I had to take the size 8 in :( which took forever! as I didn't want to ruin the dress but I think it's worked out quite well :)

This dress is part of the Pearl Lowe collection and under further scrutiny it doesn't look half bad! I wouldn't have paid the original price of this dress which was £30 (i think? maybe forty, hmm) but I was quite hapy with paying £15, especially as I had to take it in as they don't do proper sizes!

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