Sunday, September 05, 2010

Butter on a summer day...

...When I hear your name.
Wedding Wonders, Part Two!

So here is the dress that I wore for tonight. I wasn't able to stay long as I am still not feeling my best! But I had fun nonetheless and Wendy looked amazing in her Wedding dress and the dress we spent months finding! I love it, it was the one I picked out so I definitely want to borrow it!
(Yes I am aware of how pale I am. Flash is never my friend!)
My Oufit:
Red cardigan, Matalan
Dress, H&M
Red Cherry cluth bag, Wren
Red heart broach, Primark
The Brides dress, French Connection!
Garter, optional!
I'm not sure what Chris is wearing but he looks dapper :)!
Heres some additional photos of my dress :)

I love the scoop neck of this dress!


  1. Wow! Nice clutch bag very cute! I love red! How much was it?

  2. I can't quite remember but it was stupidly cheap!
    I know TKMaxx have had some different design ones in! xx


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