Thursday, September 16, 2010

'Take Our Picture...

...Flash, Flash, Car Crash.'

This post is all about a lovely pink jumper I tried on at George for ASDA but did not fit me as I am a giant and it was not long enough in the body for me. In a pure rage I marched over to the Metrocentre to find much nicer jumper! So, yes it came out alright but still :)

Here's the original jumper...
Which is just lovely with the little pearls (I love pearls) and was only £14! Yes, it was too short for me but I want it...ho hum.
This is the jumper I did get! It's slightly lighter which is nice and I like the 3/4 sleeves as they suit my shape better. I have decided to buy some pearlised gems and sew them on myself! Maybe a job for tomorrow, or another one for the pile!
This jumper is from H&M and is only £7.99 and as I was on the site looking for this image I also found this jumper in grey which is calling out to me!

A couple of months ago a nasty anon left a comment stating I'm always done up so much, make-up wise, and well I thought this was slightly unfair so take this anon!
No make-up and no, I don't use photoshop or anything purely because I don't know how!


I love reading comments from you&I promise to try and reply to them all! Keep checking back to see my replies :) xx