Friday, September 24, 2010

Let Me See Your Jazz Hands.

I love it when you come across pure bargains! Like little knick knacks for under a pound!
Little lovely things you know you'll use and if you don't it won't matter as much.
Well lately I've been finding some gems when out&about; either charity shops and high street.
Enjoy :)
I got the apple-like box&the white spot blue box from a charity shop for the grand total of £1.40, which is amazing! 
Giraffe pen, WHSmith, I love Giraffes&writing so this is a win! Plus it was only 75p!
Miffy coin purse, (this tiny little shop in Newcastle near the Vintage shops) £1. I tend to use tiny coin purses like this for carrying around hair clips&bands in my bag. I used to have one but it either dropped out or I left it in a toilet somewhere...great.
Peach flower hair clip, H&M, £1.50 for two.
Ivory Elepant, this is actually from my Mum and was originally from her Grandma Effy, so vintage and well I love elephants as much as Giraffes!
Love brooch, Dorothy Perkins, 75p
Gold&white kilt brooch, Primark, £1.00
Pink flower earrings&Pearl drop earrings both ASDA and both 50p. They are so cute as well!
In the blue square box I have currently stored pens&pencils in it as I haven't found a proper use for it yet...maybe cotton wool balls/pads.
And this gorgeous french, apple one has Fruitella in which at the moment I think is the best idea ever! :)

I love all of my purchases and like I said, they are always better when they are so cheap! Anyone else love bargains? xx

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  1. Awwww that last little french apple box is sooo cute. I cant.wait til i go uni to and.have my own little room to put stuff in x


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