Thursday, September 16, 2010

New York you've done us proud!

Yesterday was the day of the first ever plus-size model catwalk run!
It was a complete success and the women are beautiful! Their body shapes reminded me of people who I would walk past on the street and I like this!
Here is a video from the BBC Newsbeat team which includes an interview with one of the models who is lovely and so normal!

Organiser Nancy Le Winter commented fashion was not just for the skinny and anyone should be able to wear stylish designs. She said: "It's simply about time that fashion speaks to all women. It is the first time that women can look around and say, 'I can wear that!' "

 As much as I'm going to come accross as Devil's advocate I still feel that they needed a NEW catwalk for this is a bit on the wrong side, it should just be included. On top of this I feel that there is still a market that is not being shown a fair advantage and this is the sizes in between 6 and 16! I know this is a fabulous and all the rest but I wish they would just get everyone on the catwalk from a size 6-16, no exceptions! I found out about this on the radio as I was going food shopping and also heard London should be showing a whole range of sizes which will be more than interesting to see!

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