Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Miss Selfridge!

I'm officially in love with near 98% of the dresses in Miss Selfridge at the moment! So much so I'm putting a ban on me going in at all! I don't have any money so seeing these beautiful dresses would just be too much to bear! lolz.
Let me know what you think though :)

(Click on it to make it bigger :)!)
I would like the Black Stripe Bow Dress, Mid Grey Tweed Bow Dress, Black dogtooth shift dres and well all of them really! But they are my favourites. xx


  1. They're nice! I'm more of a topshop girl than a miss selfridge one but I do like those dresses!

    Sonia // Dozen Dresses xo

  2. I do like Topshop but these dresses are definitely pushing me in the direction of wanting to shop there more! xx

  3. Yeah babe they are beautiful! But I guess sometimes I miss the beauty of then because im just picking them up off the floor all day! :-(...I'm fortunate and un-fortunate enough to work there!

  4. You work there?! Oh my god, the amount of money I would spend! lol xx


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