Friday, September 03, 2010

"Our hope is shattered....

...and any chance at love is shot"- Red Jumpsuit Apparatus.

Have you ever had one of those weeks where everyday just seems to drag and nothing seems to go right? As whiney as that is I feel everyone had these days and well lately its happened to me! Which is awfully annoying! So today Kelly took me out to cheer me up :) and it worked!
We decided to drive into Newcastle and then get a metro train into North Shields to have a wander and then get the ferry across to South Shields! It was such a nice day as well! Which always helps raise the spirits! North Sheilds doesn't hold anything of any interest apart from the fact we got this beautiful tea set for £2.99! Lovin' life!
But South Shields had a free museum which was throughouly enjoyable! We also had chips, like you do at the seaside, and I've have a really nice day! (Apart from the fact the chips have made me feel sick, bleurgh! I enjoyed them at the time though!)

Enjoy the photos!
(Especially the submarine bunk one, its incredibly hard to pose on your side! haha)

 My Outfit is:
Black Tee Dress, H&M, £2.99 (Best bargain ever)
Leopard print tights, cannot remember where from for the life of me!
Denim Jacket, Matalan
Black Pumps, Primark
Tan leather belt, Vintage.
Black bag, a friend gave it to me, so freee.
Kelly was wearing!
Floral culottes, Matalan
Black vest top, unknown.
Studded shoes, New Look
Grey bag, ermmmm unknown :)
Grey military cardigan, Matalan!
Oh yeahhhh, the museum had dinosaurs! This was my favourite because of its awesome hair! lol.

I love being a big kid sometimes, its take away all problems :) xx

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