Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Look alive, Sunshine.

-My Chemical Romance.
(Actually obsessed with this clip! It's my ringtone and message tone....
and I'm buying gig tickets tomorrow!)

Lately it has to be said I am not looking alive. I am completely shattered as I have been up, ready&out of the house by 7.20am. Yesss, this may be normal for others but for me this is complete torture. I'm a 8 hour a night kinda girl and struggle with anything less. Add on to the crippling early starts many tedious hours of sitting in rush hour traffic as well as many other equally grim aspects to my life at the minute and you may see why I am completely exhausted...and it's only Wednesday. Boy, that’s depressing. 
Anyway, rant over! I promise... :)!
From all this there hasn't be a lot of time to get outfit posts in but I did get one in the Uni toilets today (yes I am classy like that).
Slouchy cropped jumper, George for ASDA
Black long sleeve top & ankle boots & belt, Primark
Short, Topshop (thrifted)
Scarf, TK Maxx
Slouchy, studded duffle bag, Matalan.

I found this outfit so comfy and well I am definitely going to be pairing the items off with others from my wardrobe! As well as this I took my super cute lunch bag with me today! I got it from Brighton, but I've been informed loads of other places have them, and I completely love it! Not only does it allow me to eat what I want but for a hell of a lot cheaper! I also have a red with white dots insulated one, which is also lovely :) but was from Corbridge I think.

Is anyone else at Uni or going back soon? And do you have to contend with EARLY mornings?
I hope not, I wouldn't wish it on anyoneee! lol xx


  1. Geek chic! Is it chilly enough in the UK to be wearing sweaters? I will be in Europe in November so I was just curious.

  2. I live in the North of the UK so it's always a bit chillier here than other places!
    The weather at the minute is so changeable! For instance today I woke up to rain to be then greeted by boiling hot sunshine, followed by monsoon rain!

    However, yes it is getting chillier but big chunky knits are lush to wear :) xx


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