Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Worst Habit.

We all have bad habits and I would say my worst is starting something but never finishing it. Whether it be something little or big. It's not that I'm over the said thing its just I get caught up with something new and flashy. I know, I live life on the edge! ho ho ho. I just like to keep moving and be excited and inspired by new things. However, yes I leave projects half completed BUT I always go back to complete just takes a bit longer than normal.
Two clear examples of this would be a cushion cover and bunting. Both rather simple, well they were until I got a hold of them, but took me longer to complete as life rushes past me!
Tbh, the bunting was me just being lazy as! So here goes..the complete bunting and cushion cover!

I love where I live :) I love cows, they are definitely in my favourite animal list!
Below: is a selection of the materials I used to make the bunting, as the photo didn't make all the materals come out in the best possible way :)
Here is the cushion cover! I decieded, for some unknown reason, to make a simple cushion case extrememly complicated. Now that I've done it, it will be easy to replicate but with the addition of frills and ties...well I nearly gave up. But, I'm proud to say I powered on through!
I'm lucky to have so much material at my disposable its all because I follow in my Mum's footsteps of being a huge hoarder and I will pick up things from everywhere I go. An example of this would be that the above fabrics (within the bunting) the blue Beautix Potter and the Pink Floral are both from Brighton and were picked up on my many travels! I know when I'm old I wil be that crazy woman with too much stuff but at the minute I'm able to reach out and create whatever I want, which makes me extremely lucky and gracious!
Have a small peek at my material collection!
Now I'm off to fend for myself again! Well, not really Kelly says she will bring me Muffins to eat while we play scrabble and drink coffee. Yes, I'm too cool!
Hope everyone is having a good week! xx

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