Saturday, July 31, 2010

Recent Goodies.

Just Accessories
I am sooo poor that whenever I go out with friends shopping I find myself to resorting to seeking out the cheapest items possible. I know I don't NEED new things, but everyone wants them. It's not just girls either anymore!
So here's my recent goodies! I love a good bargain me! :)

Feather headband, Miss Selfridge, £1.00
Leopard print headband, Claires, £0.50
Disco ball ring, Primark, £1.00
Black lace bow headband, Dorothy Perkins, £1.00

 Navy leather studded gloves, Topshop, £1.00
Necklace, George at ASDA, £1.00
(Black roll neck top, Primark, £1.00)

I also have some new clothes which include a thrifter child's dogtooth jacket, nude dress and lastly a thrifted child's cream cardigan. Photos of these will come in a later post :) The grand some of those items are  £6.50! Bargain! I could be the new David Dickinson, just not orange and annoying.

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