Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Country Walks.

...and then it rained, but ofc.
My mum who was at work today asked if I could take my little puppy out for a walk today and of course I said yes as he is actually so cute! Walking around is nice but when by oneself can be a tad boring so I decided to take some photos. (Luckily my phone has an awesome camera as I've only just bought a new one today to replace the one which died!) Mostly to illustrate the lovely area I live in but also to mock my puppy who has been half shaven. He's a little lion, purely down to the fact he got too scared when the shaver got close to his face. A mission for another day I feel. 

Unfortunately the local forested area which is closest to me is under threat from a local business man who wants to chop half of it down to build a workshop when there is plenty of other options available. The final verdict on this hasn't been reached yet and I hope it doesn't happen as I've seen a group of deer and it would be awful if they were disturbed.

Fully dressed for the country!
Scarf from the mother.
Stripy Top from Peacocks £9.00
Mac from Primark £17.00

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