Friday, July 23, 2010

Day 7.

A childhood friend.

Let me set the scene.
I'm around the age of five and I'm in the Year One class at my original school. I'm not an agressive child but a jealous one then and a jealous one now. This story focuses around a book, the BFG because of my namesake, and well here goes.

Dear little girl who for the life of me I cannot remember your name, 
Don't let this distract from this blatent heartfelt apology)
I'm sorry that when we were huddled around the bookshelf that winter morning that you fell prey to my teeth. I'm sorry that I WANTED and NEEDED the book you held in your hands I would not let you have it. I'm sorry that I left a mark on the back of your left hand that day. The worst part is that we were best friends before this incident but alas we were not afterwards!
The worst part was not that I may have damaged you BUT I got moved to a Catholic school. OH YES! I would've bitten twice as hard if I'd known! 
Anyway overall I'm sorry :)

Love Sophie, the biter xx

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