Sunday, July 11, 2010

Flying the Nest Part 1.

One day I will be flying th nest, so to speak, and I feel it will be my time to be fully independent.
Maybe even learn to cook a bit, maybe not. Last time I attempted to cook I mutilated an onion and was told to go sit down and watch telly, oh I felt so grown up then! Lol.

Soooo, in September I will finally be going to Uni, oh yes the wait is over. A little late seeing as I'm about ooooh, three years behind but none the less I am going to throughly enjoy it and well I wouldn't have gotten on to the Social Work course had I been younger, as they like 'life experience'.
I do like to help people but I feel another HUGE reason in why I would like to become one is that I associate their wardrobe with a somewhat dressed down accountant. Smart but stylish, niceee! Which of course means a whole new aspect to my wardrobe as I will need work wear! Oh yes, the dreaded placement of actually having to go deal with people, which in all fairness I will enjoy whole-heartedly. Anyway back to the theme, so I have decided I want my wardrobe to be similar to this. And seeing how many of the pieces are relatively expensive I am either going to start saving now or wait until I'm qualified. Either way :) (To be honest I have no idea who half of these designers are but I like bar the price tag)
Overall I feel I may look good and I really want the flat black brogues maybe a bit tooooo much. Its either those of a blu-ray player I've been told about. Awful decisions.
As well as my wardrobe I want to begin a new life in a new room somewhere but I feel decoration could be for another post :)

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