Sunday, July 25, 2010

Flying the Nest Part 4.

 Social Work.
What my studies will lead up to.

As I've mentioned before I will be soon studying to become a social worker so as part of my 'Flying the Nest' chapter I would give a brief overview of the basic role of the job.

An excerpt from the Dictionary of Sociology, under ‘social work’:
“The generic term applied to the various organized methods for promoting human welfare through the prevention and relief of suffering. In the late nineteenth century, social work was largely voluntary (notably as a charitable activity on the part of middle-class women), and aimed primarily at the alleviation of material poverty. In the period since the Second World War, social work practice has become increasingly professionalized, and now has a much wider remit embracing emotional and mental as well as economic well-being.
(...)What they are expected to deal with are the wide range of problems which diminish the ‘quality of inner life’: for example, problems and crises associated with adoption, fostering of the young and old, marital reconciliation, sexual and physical abuse, and people’s relationships with one another generally.” (pg 622)

Marshall, G. (Ed.) (1998) Dictionary of Sociology, Oxford University Press: New York.
I like this definition because it sums up how I see social work. Where it once was an unrecognised profession, there are now many expectations placed upon social workers. It can sometimes been seen as difficult at times to differentiate between the roles of a social worker and the roles of other social service persons. Social work itself is quite broad, yet ultimately it’s about improving the quality of life of disadvantaged members of society.

What with this, my urge to carry it out, and my awesomely planned out wardrobe I may as well wear my underpants on the outside of my clothes and call myself the new Superman. (Superwoman can be cool but it's not 'the red and blue blurrr'.

Finally, I know this isn't technically 'flying' the nest but it is escaping but I love the Editors and I love this song so enjoy :)

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