Saturday, July 17, 2010

Day 1.

My Best Friend.

My Dear Barroneeee, 
Well how to start?! 
You're constantly there for me and you always make me laugh, we always have a giggle. We generally mooch around doing not a lot but we never seem to have enough time! I'm glad you follow my own love of shopping as it makes it far more enjoyable! 
Next year, asap, we will have our own abode in which we can party and actually feel welcome in our own place. We can learn to cook (more than toast! I know risky but still!) and we can be both independent and brave enough in our choices to boost our confidence and well, conquer our list of things we NEED to do!
I have known you for sooo long now and well I wouldn't change any of it, lets have more fun times and go be us :) 
Plus I need you around as you have my share of the boobage and if you weren't there it would look frightfully odd! 

love choooooo 
Love the Noblettt. xx

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