Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Flying the Nest 3.

" I no longer prepare food with more than one ingredient."
-Cyra Mcfadden

One of my biggest problems and one of the biggest problems I know of with people of my age group is that a lot of us either do not know how to cook or they just don't want to! I have to admit I am leaning more towards the 'I don't want to approach' as I feel I don't have the technical know how in preparing something, anything edible.
Like in a previous post I do generally live off toast! However, hold the phone, I've incorporated yoghurt! Oh yes, I've gone all out! Another problem with learning how to cook is the overwhelming amount of chefs that are actually out there now! The following are all chefs who are current (now of just have been) and have all released a cook book some time along the line. 

This is just a small selection of the chefs that are currently out there! (A more in depth look can be found if you CLICK HERE!) It's unreal the amound there actually is! How am I meant to decide who to go for! Who has the best recipes?! Who can feed me the most? But with the lowest budget! 
Well my friends this is my mission! I am on a cooking mission. I am going to learn how to cook! Even if its just something simple I will be utterly delighted. 
I am not going to purchase a book by the millions of celeb chefs that seem to be creeping out, but looking at old chefs, simple cooking and of course ask my Mum and Kelly's Gran for tips.

Heres one more chef to add to the list. 


  1. Look into Nigel slater, absolutely wonderful, unpretentious gloriously tasty food. He writes as he thinks, wonderful rambles and passion. Only very rarely appearing on TV.

    - When he did appear on TV he did a whole episode on making decent butties.

  2. Ahh he sounds interesting! It would be nice to be inspired by someone who isn't always in the spotlight.

    Everyone needs to know about how to make a decent buttie!

    Thanks xx


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