Friday, July 09, 2010

Doctor Who!... Once Again!

By now you've probably all guessed that I have a slight love for the Doctor Who series and all that jazz. So today me and my friendling decided to go to the Centre of Life to see the Doctor Who exhibition. Well of course I became click happy with the camera (so much so it died and I had to use my phone) and ran around squealing like a child. Needless to say I enjoyed it throughly and well I will go again.

Heres some photos of me and kelly. Kelly looking lovely and calm and me well, not so much.

Me being a Dalek, yes I am that cool. 

Kelly looking through the telescope from the Queen Victoria and the Werewolf Episode (yes I'm a nerd, and yes I paraded around knowing where every character came from)

The Weeping AngelS!

Kelly and the Tardis, I will own one.

Yeahhhhh, I'm part of the Slitheen Family.nomnomnommm.

Doctor Who makes the cool kids cooler.


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