Thursday, July 01, 2010

Get my nerd on.

I have heard they may be making a Dr.Who movie!
Very excited if this turns out to be true.
I love my regular episodes of time and space travel and feel a feature length may just push me over the edge in to actually starting to build my own time machine. 
No lie.

The only problem is Johnny Depp has been pointed out to play the Doctor. 
Just oh no!
 Yes, he's gorgeous and what not I just don't think he right for the part.
He's incredibly talented at talking in weird accents and bumbling around the place but not for my beloved Doctor.
David Tennant should be brought in as he is beautiful and talented and well the apple of my eye!
Plusssss David Tennant knows how to pilot the tardis! 
Without bumbling around like a drunken fool on helium. Yes I am aware I am slating a hollywood 'star' but I honestly do not mind as I want Tennant in!
Anyway whoever they choose I will be pre-booking my tickets!
Ahhh the dream of time-travelling and seeing the stars would be amazing!

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